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Author Submissions at Edmonds Bookshop




First and foremost, huge congratulations on taking the steps to get your book published!  We know the amount of work involved in writing, editing and publishing.  Then you must market your book as well.  We are committed to supporting local authors and our local community.  Books from outside our community will not be accepted if we feel that we cannot sell them successfully.

Your book may be a candidate for our shelves if:

  • You live in the Pacific Northwest.
  • The title and author name are printed on the spine.
  • It is proof-read and contains no typographical errors.
  • It is paperback, hardcover or board.


  1. We do not, unless for a special event, buy books on consignment.  As the paperwork is time consuming, we instead choose to purchase one or two copies directly from the author.  We will only purchase a copy through Ingram if the book is returnable and we receive our wholesaler discount.
  2. If purchasing directly from you, our pricing terms follow book industry standards of 60/40, where 60% of the retail price (set by the author) is payable to the author, and 40% is kept by Edmonds Bookshop.
  3. We will contact you if we feel we would like more copies of your book.
  4. All marketing and promotion is the responsibility of the author.
  5. Submissions will be reviewed periodically.
  6. Unless you request the return of your materials, your books will be considered a donation.


If these terms are acceptable, please feel free to leave a copy of your book and your contact information with us at our front counter.  We reserve the right to make any final decisions on accepting a book.  If we feel we cannot successfully sell your book, we will notify you and hold your book to be picked up.  If you do not come by to pick up your book, it will be donated to Friends of the Edmonds Library.

Any questions, email

And here is a print-friendly version of this info to download and print.