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Author photo: close up of Gene Openshaw. He has a fatastic smile and is looking to the left; wearing black-rimmed round glasses; denim blue shirt under a gray pinstriped suit jacket.

Celebrate Gene Openshaw's new book: Michelangelo at Midlife: Chasing the Tomb of Julius II

From Florence to Paris to Rome, a man crisscrosses Europe in search of Michelangelo’s most troubled work...

"Despite the gravity of Sam's troubles, Openshaw largely keeps this a lighthearted tale... told with intelligence... filled with humor and tinged with an ironic acknowledgement of the travails of life. The novel is just as much about Michelangelo, whose history is expertly detailed, and includes gorgeous color photography of Italy and its artistic treasures.

"This is an entertaining treat, especially for art lovers and wanderlust-afflicted travelers looking for a breezy read." -- Kirkus Reviews


Gene Openshaw has written more than a dozen books and TV shows with travel guru Rick Steves. Their book "Europe's Top 100 Masterpieces" highlights classic works of art. 

Gene Openshaw will be joined in conversation by Peter Kelley.


Head and shoulders photo of Peter Kelley in front of a yellow wall wearing wire-rimmed glasses, a blue button-down shirt under a subtly plaid jacket.

Peter Kelley is a retired small town newspaperman who writes the occasional "Back in Edmonds" column for the Beacon, about reconnecting with his hometown.

Date: 02/15/2024
Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Edmonds Bookshop
111 5th Ave. South
Edmonds, WA 98020