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We have all kinds of art and author events happening all year long.

Art Walk Edmonds!

Third Thursday Art Walks.  

Every Third Thursday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm all year long.

Visit the official Art Walk Edmonds web site for all kinds of information, including the featured artists and the map of featured locations for each month.

We always have an artist or an author in for the evening, check back often [and see below] for the current months' scheduled artist.



And quite often, we have events on Saturday afternoons. See below for all of our currently scheduled authors and artists.




Upcoming Events

Third Thursday Art Walk.

Thursday, April 19, 2018. 5 - 8pm.
poetry night emcee: david horowitzFive poets have enthusiastically agreed to perform as part of our celebration of National Poetry Month. They are:

  • Janee Baugher
  • Victoria Ford
  • Michael Hickey
  • Christopher Jarmick
  • Michael Spence

As usual, the incomparable David D. Horowitz will act as host and emcee.
[In case you haven't attended a poetry night before, HINT: Brush up on your current events so you will be prepared for the trivia questions, and perhaps win a great prize!]

This is always a really fun, entertaining evening! Join us early to mix and mingle and enjoy some light snacks and beverages. The readings will begin about 6:30 p.m.

For more information about Mr. Horowitz and Rose Alley Press, visit the website here.





cover image: My Oh My!


Saturday, April 21, 2018. 3pm. We will welcome back Billy Mac, to talk about and sign his book My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story.

Mr. Mac has some great stories....always so much fun!








Happy Independent Bookstore Day!!


Saturday, April 28, 2018. Independent Bookstore Day! Stop by any time all day and celebrate a vital part of your community! We will have exclusive bookie items, limited edition goodies, and so much more...




Great information all about Independent Bookstore Day in Seattle! Here.





Children's Book Week!

April 30 - May 6, 2018. Children's Book Week!

Kids, from Kindergarten to teens, have a chance to vote for a favorite book -- voting takes place the entire month of April, in store or online.

Voting is now open! Stop in to fill out a ballot, or vote online, here.


We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting 3 amazing authors on May 5th!

10:30am - 11:30am. Liz Wong, author of Quackers, Reading, and drawing lessons!

12pm - 1pm. Laura McGee Kvasnosky author of Little Wolf's First Howling. Reading and lots of howling practice!

1:30pm  - 2:30pm. Mark Holtzen author of Ticket to the Pennant. Reading and a game!


Children's Book Week!        Children's Book Week!       Children's Book Week!

For all kinds of great information about Children's Book Week visit the web site here: everychildareader.net



cover image: The Songs we Hide

Saturday, May 12, 2018. 12 - 1pm. We will welcome Connie Hampton Connally and her book, The Songs We Hide, brand new in paperback, May 1, 2018.

In 1951, a grim hush has settled over Hungary. After a lost war and a brutal transition to communism, the people live under constant threats. A couple brought together by music help each other face the challenges.

For all kinds of great information visit her web site.





Third Thursday Art Walk.

cover image: This is the Place

Thursday, May 17, 2018. 5 - 8 pm.
We will welcome Margot Kahn and Kirsten Lunstrum who will share their stories and insights.

Ms. Lunstrum is a contributor and Ms. Kahn is an editor of the new book, This Is the Place: Women Writing about Home, a thought-provoking collection of personal essays about home.






Saturday, May 26, 2018. 12-1 pm. Join us for a celebration of local, independent-press authors.

We will welcome Ron Donovan with his book The Wisdom of Doing Things Wrong; Roy Kindelberger with his novel Broken Bridges; and M. Perry Dolan with his first novel No Place to Cry.



The Wisdom of Doing Things Wrong: Surprising Insights From an Unusual Approach by Ron Donovan. In paperback from Pencairn Publishing. Ron Donovan + cover of his book

Why is it we don’t see more wisdom at work? Perhaps it’s because we’re afraid to do things wrong. Ron Donovan has learned how to get the good stuff out of every failure--whether it’s in the back of an ambulance, at the helm of a freighter, or in the boardroom of a corporation.

 In this lighthearted yet serious book, Donovan shares his highly personal stories of how small change is actually big change in disguise. If you have spent more than a week working in an organization, you’ll want to read this book to learn how to get comfortable with the very small changes that feel “wrong,” but which really make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Great review in Forbes, here.



Broken Bridges by Roy Kindelberger. This debut middle-grade novel is published in paperback by Black Rose Writing.cover: Broken Bridges


Twelve-year-old Rey is sent to an old rundown steel town near Pittsburgh, where he has to deal with his aging grandparents, isolated dad, missing mom, bullies, broken bridges, and horseradish sauce....

author Roy Kindelberger

All about Mr. Kindelberger, here: roykindelberger.com








No Place to Cry by  M. Perry Dolan. Published in paperback by Book Publishers Network.cover: No Place to Cry


When he was only four years old, Perry Dolan lost his father in World War II. His body was never found, and the family had no place--no marker, no grave--to remember him and honor him. Perry felt abandoned.
After his mother died, Perry received a box of letters his father had written to his mother and other mementos. Eventually he learned other details about his father's death, and more importantly, they revealed the truth--his father had loved him.

No Place to Cry calls for understanding what losing a parent means, especially for young children who cannot express their despair.

More information here: noplacetocry.com





Third Thursday Art Walk.Gwen Schwarz art

Thursday June 21, 2018. 5 - 8 pm.
Gwen Schwartz will display her original acrylic paintings of people and landscapes.

From Gwen: Color…it’s really all about color. I’m very drawn to the human face and form, but I also love to paint landscapes, peppers I bring home from the farmers’ market, abstracts and even an occasional pair of old boots. But what draws me to all these subjects is the same, color...
New to the Northwest, I find the light here amazingly clear and intense. Its touch brings intimacy to a subject.

Visit her web site for more beautiful images.


Bonus Third Thursday Artist!

On June 21, we will also welcome a special guest, Sophia Herman, a young vocalist from Edmonds. Stay tuned for more information.

Join us for light snacks and beverages. [and art! and music!]






Recent Events.


National Poetry Month : The celebration begins!
Saturday April 14, 2018. 12 - 1pm. We welcomed two amazing local poets: Sue Sutherland and Holly Hughes.

Sue Sunderland-Hanson's new collection is Stars and Strangers, was published in paperback last October.cover image: Stars and Strangers

These tender, lyrical poems demonstrate the shimmering threads that join us while revealing the "slippery mystery, this everyday once-ness of each person's life."

Sue Sutherland-Hanson grew up in a fishing family in Port Townsend
In addition to writing, Sue teaches workshops on writing as a listening practice, sacred creativity, the wisdom of the body, labyrinths, and Celtic spirituality.
Visit her facebook page for all the inside info.

cover image: Poetry of Presence

Holly J. Hughes' new work is included in Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems.

This book of mindfulness poems provides a refuge of quiet clarity that is much needed in today's restless, chaotic world. It was published last September.

Ms. Hughes is the author of Sailing by Ravens. Her fine art chapbook Passings received an American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation in 2017.
She is a graduate of the MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University, where she coordinates the Outside Experience program. After teaching writing at Edmonds Community College for more than twenty-five years, she now teaches writing and mindfulness workshops throughout the Pacific Northwest and consults as a writing coach. The entire story on her web site.




cover image: In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills

Saturday April 7, 2018. We welcomed author Jennifer Haupt and her brand new novel, In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills.

A sweeping family saga that crosses racial and cultural boundaries is the search for family on a personal and global level.  Set against the backdrop of a country grieving and trying to heal after a devastating civil war, follow the intertwining stories of three women who discover something unexpected: grace when there can be no forgiveness.

Great new [4/1/18] review in The Seattle Times.

Jennifer Haupt went to Rwanda as a journalist in 2006, twelve years after the genocide that wiped out over one million people, to explore the connections between forgiveness and grief. She spent a month interviewing survivors and humanitarian aid workers, and returned to Seattle with something unexpected: the bones of a novel. Haupt's essays and articles have been published in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Rumpus, Spirituality & Health, Psychology Today, Travel & Leisure, The Sun and many other publications. This is her first novel.

Visit her web site for all kinds of great information.




Thursday, March 15, 2018. Tasman—an Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom bycover image: Tasman

 Paddy Eger.

In 1850, sixteen year-old Irish lad, Ean McCloud, steps off the boat, his legs in iron shackles, and steps into serving a three-year sentence at the Port Arthur Penal Colony in Tasmania. Falsely convicted, he must now survive the brutal conditions, the backbreaking labor, and time in the silent prison—a place that breaks men’s souls. Follow Ean’s adventures as he seeks not only to survive but to escape!

For all information Paddy Eger, visit her web site/blog here.



cover image: High

Saturday, March 10, 2018.  High: Drugs, Desire, and a Nation of Users by Dr. Ingrid Walker, asks fundamental questions about US drug policies and social norms. Why do we endorse the use of some drugs and criminalize others? Why do we accept the necessity of a doctor-prescribed opiate but not the same thing bought off the street? This divided approach shapes public policy, the justice system, research, social services, and health care. And despite the decades-old war on drugs, drug use remains relatively unchanged.



Dr. Ingrid Walker is an Associate Professor, American Studies
School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
University of Washington, Tacoma

For more information, visit the author on her web site  Ingridkwalker.com
And view her fantastic  TED Talk.



Read Across America!



Saturday, March 3, 2018. 10:30am - 4 pm. Read Across America. A nationwide reading celebration that takes place annually near Dr. Seuss’s birthday, which is March 2nd. Your support helps the Foundation for Edmonds School District. Activities for kids included.







Cover image: Timber CurtainSaturday, February 24, 2018. Timber Curtain by Frances McCue. These poems are wry, indicting and hopeful, as they track the demolition of Richard Hugo House in a rapidly changing city. In paperback November 7, 2017.

Timber Curtain occupies a space between ramshackle and remodel. It starts with the demolition of a house -- Richard Hugo House, the Seattle literary center where Frances McCue worked, lived, and mourned her husband. From there, McCue’s poems spiral out to encompass icebergs, exorcisms, the refugee crisis, and the ethics of the place-myths we create for ourselves.  Like the Seattle skyline, poems erase and recombine into a landscape forever saturated with ghosts.

Several poems will be central in McCue’s upcoming (2018) documentary "Where the House Was."
A little more information on facebook and on this website.

Frances McCue is a poet, writer, teacher, and arts instigator. From 1996–2006, she was the founding director of Richard Hugo House in Seattle and is currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of Washington.





cover image: This is Not a Love Letter

Saturday, February 17, 2018We hosted 2 authors! Kim Purcell and her new book, This is Not a Love Letter in conversation with Jennifer Bardsley, author of the 2-book Blank Slate series, consisting of Genesis Girl and Damaged Goods.cover image: Blank Slate series 











Thursday, February 15, 2018. cover image: Doin' In a Robber BarronWe welcomed Edmonds' own, Mathilda [Millie] Thompson and her mysteries.

Doin’ in a Robber Baron.1890s Chicago. The city is preparing for the Columbian Exposition. And the men of Chicago's elite detective squad investigate the murder of the Traction King, the man with the monopoly on public transportation. No one is able or willing to clarify matters and though the body was found at his Gold Coast mansion, it wasn't the scene of the crime.
In paperback -- September 5, 2017.


Death of a Falcon cover image

Death Of A Falcon : A Sergey Volkov Mystery.
by Mathilda Thompson (Author) and Chris Thompson (Illustrator)
Late in the reign of Ivan IV, Sergey Volkov, Moscow magistrate, finds himself called upon to solve the murder of the son of a prominent member of the nobility. It proves to be a case with many hidden dangers and at first the case seems unsolvable. In paperback – December 10, 2017.





Saturday, February 10, 2018. Peace Weavers: Uniting the Salish Coast Through Cross-Cultural Marriages by Candace Wellman. Peace-weaving marriages between Salish families and pioneer men played a crucial role in mid-1800’s regional settlement. In paperback.
cover image: Peace Weavers

Throughout the mid-1800s, Coast and Interior Salish families arranged strategic cross-cultural marriages, and these alliances played a crucial role in regional settlement and spared Puget Sound's upper corner from the tragic conflicts other regions experienced. Although accounts of the men exist in a variety of records, the contributions of their native wives remain unacknowledged. Author Candace Wellman hopes to shatter stereotypes surrounding these relationships. The four women profiled exhibited exceptional endurance, strength, and adaptability. Each woman's story is uniquely her own, but together they and other intermarried women left lasting legacies. They were peace weavers.

Wellman holds a B.A. in Sociology from Washington State University and a B.Ed. in History/Secondary Education from Western Washington University, and has pursued graduate work in sociology. Born and raised in Washington, the Bellingham resident is a local history consultant and speaks regularly about women’s history and regional settlement.

Visit her on facebook.





Saturday, February 3, 2018. We welcomed back one of our favorite cover image:Pre-Meditated Murderauthors Tracy Weber, with her newest book, Pre-Meditated Murder the fifth in her Downward Dog mystery series. New in paperback January 8, 2018.

Yoga instructor Kate Davidson is ready to marry her boyfriend Michael, so she's disappointed when a special dinner doesn't end with a proposal. But disappointment turns to dismay and outrage as she learns the real problem: Michael is already married and his estranged wife is blackmailing him. When his wife's body is found -- by Kate and her dog, no less -- Michael is strangely unable to remember where he was the night she died. Since Michael has no alibi, Kate steps up to uncover what happened. What she walks into is a tangled web of deceit, obsession, and immigration fraud . . . with Michael trapped in the middle.


Pre-Meditated Murder is the fifth lighter-than-air and thoroughly enjoyable mystery from Seattleite Tracy Weber. Great new [1/27/18] article/review in The Seattle Times. Here.




Saturday, January 27, 2018. Magickal Family: Pagan Living in Harmony with Nature by Monica Crosson. A guide for those who want to practice magick and simplicity.

cover: magickal familyA real-life guide for those who want to practice magick and simplicity but need a little nudge to take a break from the workaday world. Filled with tips, ideas, stories, and projects to bring you and your family closer to nature and to celebrate the God and the Goddess, this book shows how to be true to your magickal self while raising little Witchlings―or helping others with theirs. Discover how to create the life you want through gardening, Kitchen Witchery, DIY projects, and celebrations based on the Wheel of the Year. Includes more than 65 rituals, blessings, recipes, crafts, and activities.

Monica Crosson is a Master Gardner who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, happily digging in the dirt and tending her raspberries with her husband, three kids and small menagerie of farm animals, including a very grouchy donkey named Rosetta.
Visit her website at www.monicacrosson.com




cover: a Sideways Look at CloudsJanuary 20, 2018.  Sideways Look at Clouds by Maria Mudd Ruth. An intriguing natural history about our ubiquitous and fascinating clouds.

Author Maria Mudd Ruth fell in love with clouds the same way she stumbles into most passions: madly and unexpectedly. This is the story of her quite accidental infatuation with and education about the clouds above.

A captivating story teller, Maria blends science, wonder, and humor to take the scenic route through the clouds and encourages readers to chart their own rambling, idiosyncratic course.

A Washington, D.C. native, Maria Mudd Ruth has been researching, watching, photographing, and blogging about clouds for many years. She is the author of more than a dozen books on natural history topics, including Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet and now lives in Olympia, Washington, with her husband and sons.
Visit her website at www.mariaruthbooks.net
Follow her on facebook.




January 13, 2018.  We welcomed our first author of the new year! Local author, Jennifer Wilhoit and her new book, Writing on the Landscape: Essays and Practices to Write, Roam, Renew, just published in paperback September 26, 2017.cover: Writing on the Landscape

This is a practical, lyrical book aimed at helping blocked writers to become unstuck.

Jennifer J. Wilhoit, PhD is a published writer, focusing her current essays and books on the inner/outer landscape: the ecotone between human nature and ecological nature. Jennifer is the owner of TEALarbor stories; she mentors writers, offers "story and nature guiding," supports people in life transition, and mediates conflict.

Check out her blog at TEALarborstories.blogspot.com
and her web site: TEALarborstories.com




November 18, 2017. We welcomed local Seattle author Pam Stucky.
She brought all kinds of books with her, including her latest: Pam on the Map: Seattle Day Trips, just published in paperback, September 19, 2017.Pam on the Map: Seattle day Trips

Pam Stucky, a native of the Seattle area, loves this city and all it has to offer. And she knows that part of what makes the region spectacular is not just the city itself, but all the fantastic destinations within a two- or three-hour drive. This new book has itineraries for 10 one-day trips, as well as optional side trips.

For information on all things Pam Stucky, do visit her website: pamstucky.com.






November 11, 2017. We welcomed local author Susan Storer Clarkcover image: Monk Woman's Daughter and her new novel, The Monk Woman's Daughter.

“My mother said she was a nun. That may have been a lie.”

So begins the eye-opening and entertaining tale of Vera St. John’s chaotic upbringing amid the turbulence of nineteenth-century urban America.
From the squalid streets of 1840s New York to the devastation of post-Civil War Memphis, Vera threads her way through the powerful conflicts of American history to find where she belongs. Along the way, she discovers the nature of power and the true meaning of freedom.

For more information about her book, and so much more, Susan blogs at www.HistoryMuse.us and is a contributor to the Washington Independent Review of Books.

Ms. Clark is an amazing author/presenter of her book! A big "Thank you!" to all who joined us -- we had a great afternoon.




November 4, 2017. We welcomed author Janet R. Collins and her book, On the Arctic Frontier: Ernest Leffingwell's Polar Explorations and Legacy just published October 15, 2017.

cover image: On the Arctic FrontierA November 1897 presentation by Norway’s famous explorer, Fridtjof Nansen, sparked Ernest Leffingwell’s lifelong passion for the Arctic. Almost 100 years later, Janet Collins discovered her own zeal when she took a college course called Arctic Environment.
Collins’ master’s degree in library science and an undergraduate degree in geography, came in handy as she undertook a seven-year investigation instigated by an intriguing name on a map. Her research revealed a meticulous and detailed explorer who made journal entries in pencil and often used abbreviations and initials, leaving her with much to decipher.

Eager to investigate rumors of land north of Alaska, Ernest deKoven Leffingwell and Ejnar Mikkelsen organized the 1906 Anglo-American Polar Expedition. Despite extreme conditions, they determined the edge of the continental shelf—a significant geographic discovery. Leffingwell remained behind, and with substantial assistance from his Inupiaq neighbors, the driven young geologist explored, surveyed and documented geography and geology along Alaska’s north coast and inland in what is now the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). On the North Slope of the Brooks Range, he pioneered research in ground ice (permafrost), observed birds, and collected wildlife specimens. His groundbreaking work still informs scientists and scholars.




October 28th, 2017. We welcomed author Lauren Danner and her brandcover image: Crown Jewel Wilderness new book, Crown Jewel Wilderness: Creating North Cascades National Park, just published September 1, 2017.

This first full-length account chronicles the creation of the park, just in time for the it’s 50th anniversary in 2018.
Efforts to establish a park began as early as 1892, but gained traction after World War II as economic affluence sparked national interest in wilderness preservation and growing concerns about the impact of harvesting timber to meet escalating postwar housing demand.
As the environmental movement matured, conservationists sought to establish a national park that prioritized wilderness, instead of development for tourism or logging. Their grassroots activism became increasingly sophisticated, eventually leading to the compromise that resulted in the 1968 creation of Washington’s magnificent third national park.

Ms. Danner says: I write about Pacific Northwest and environmental history, outdoor recreation, and public lands policy from my home in Olympia, Washington. Much more on her web site.




October 19, 2017. Third Thursday Art Walk. We welcomed author Elise Hooper and her debut novel, The Other Alcott: A Novel, just published September 5, 2017.cover: Other Alcott

This debut novel conjures the fascinating, untold story of May Alcott—Louisa’s youngest sister and an artist in her own right.
Stylish, outgoing, creative, May Alcott grows up longing to experience the wide world beyond Concord, Massachusetts. While her sister Louisa crafts stories, May herself is a talented and dedicated artist, taking lessons in Boston, turning down a marriage proposal from a well-off suitor, and facing scorn for entering what is very much a man’s profession.
May embarks on a quest to discover her own true identity, as an artist and a woman. From Boston to Rome, London, and Paris, this brave, talented, and determined woman forges an amazing life of her own, making her so much more than merely “The Other Alcott.”

For more information about the book, and all about the author, visit her web site.




September 30, 2017. We welcomed local author Nicola Pearson and her new book, Borrowed Ground: a Joe and Lucy Story. In paperback July 16, 2017.cover image: Borrowed Ground

While the community gathers to celebrate Joe and Lucy’s marriage there is one person who refuses to feel the love; their neighbor, Hilda. She is determined to mar their happiness with a vindictive property line dispute, and soon they find themselves embroiled in a series of ordeals that they must overcome in order to keep their home.

author Nicola PearsonMs. Pearson is an award-winning playwright, author of the novel How to Make a Pot in 14 Easy Lessons, two Callum Lange mysteries and the children’s picture book, The Lost Hour. She lives in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains with her potter husband, their dogs, cat and chickens.

More about the author on her website and her blog.





September 21, 2017. Third Thursday Art Walk.  We welcomed author Kate cover: BounceLund, and her latest book Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive In School, Sports and Life just published May 31, 2017.

A book for parents, educators, community leaders and anyone who has an active interest in helping children to become resilient and realize their potential. The book presents the author's vision of the seven pillars of the resilient child during the elementary school years, along with specific strategies for bolstering the resilience of your own child or the children you work with.




cover: Imagine Me

July 29, 2017. We welcomed local Seattle author Brenda Fantroy-Johnson and her new book, Imagine Me. In paperback March 21, 2017.

A riveting story of a young black girl’s journey growing up in the early ’60s. The setting is Detroit where dreams are formed from life experiences within a city ghetto. A coming-of-age story set during the height of the civil rights movement, this was a time of music, baseball, and fishing on the Detroit River, a time of developing and discovering identity.
The memoir gives a detailed accounting of how a self-described “good girl” copes with the early tragedies of childhood loss and abandonment. Growing from a child having children to the becoming of a woman who refuses to let herself quit, this is a story of strength and commitment to fulfill her mother’s directive, proving to herself—even through domestic violence, drugs, and alcohol abuse—that faith can get you out and enough faith can overcome fear.
This is a journey of hope and dreams fulfilled.

Brenda Fantroy-Johnson grew up in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated with the highest distinction from Davenport University with a BA in Computer Science. She went on to obtain a MBA from Spring Arbor University. An avid hiker, she has climbed Mt. Rainier, hiked to Mt. Everest base camp and walked the Northern Camino of Spain. She currently lives in Washington State with her husband Harvey and their Perfect Labrador Retriever, Tama.

All kinds of great information available at her web site and blog, here.



cover: Liitle Wolf's First HowlingJuly 15, 2017.  We welcomed Laura McGee Kvasnosky and her newest book, Little Wolf's First Howling.

Some may favor the proper way to howl, but what if you have a song in your heart that needs to come out? A delightful, disarmingly funny tale for little and big wolves everywhere.

Sisters Laura McGee Kvasnosky and Kate Harvey McGee have created a wonderful story about the importance of doing things your own way and being true to your heart when it swells with wildness and joy.

Laura McGee Kvasnosky grew up in Northern California as one of five children in a newspaper family that provided the grist for many of her stories as a noted children’s writer and illustrator. She turned to children’s writing in mid life, and is best known for her series of “Zelda and Ivy” books. Learn more about her and her books, and some behind-the-scenes creation secrets -- so interesting! -- here at her web site.




June 24, 2017. Saturday. We welcomed Billy Mac and his book, My Oh My: The Dave Niehaus Story, new in paperback.cover image: My Oh My!

From his web site: This is a baseball book. It is a biography of one of the game’s favorite sons and most devoted servants. It is both a reverent look at the life of that man and a heartfelt reflection on his trade. Furthermore, it is his baseball story as well—the game he grew up with, the players and managers and ballparks and broadcasters who nurtured his baseball heart and led him to fashion an enduring love for the sport.   This is his story.

Visit the official web site, for a bit more information, here.

He was interviewed on KISM radio June 1, 2017. Listen to the interview, here.

Thank you to all of you who joined us -- we had a great Saturday afternoon, complete with peanuts and CrackerJack! (We don't care if we never get back!).



June 10, 2017.  We welcomed Seattle author Charlie Sheldon, and his new book, Strong Heart, now in paperback.cover image: Strong Heart

One stormy May night, just as Tom Olsen is about to leave with his Native American friends to visit his grandfather's grave deep in Washington State's Olympic Peninsula wilderness, he answers a knock at his door to find an abandoned thirteen year old girl.
The girl announces her name is Sarah Cooley and that Tom is her grandfather.  Astonished, all Tom sees is trouble. He knows he should cancel the trip and deal with Sarah, but when his friends suggest bringing Sarah along, Tom reluctantly agrees, hoping a backpacking trip might teach Sarah some sorely needed lessons about character, responsibility and grit.

Adventure, scientific inquiry, a tinge of mystery, and a hint of the unexplainable infuse this meticulously-imagined tale. In a story matching the breathtaking scope of its Pacific Northwest and North Pacific setting, Sheldon's tale startles, yet challenges us to think.



cover image: When the Stars Lead Home

June 3, 2017. We welcomed Edmonds author Laura Weigel Douglas and her brand new book, When the Stars Lead Home. This middle-grade novel was published in paperback March 21, 2017, and is the first in the Green Hill Adventure Camp series.

Twelve-year old Tizzy could not believe how quickly things could fall apart. Last year her only concern had been defending her title as San Juan County's All-Around Rodeo Cowgirl. Now, she is living with two aunts she barely knows and trying to convince them to keep the summer camp where she grew up, Green Hills Adventure Camp, open for business. With luck on her side and more than a little determination, Tizzy will discover that she is capable of more than she ever dreamt and that sometimes, when life changes direction, you have to create your own path to find your way home again.

Ms. Douglas grew up in Shoreline, Washington and was an avid reader from a young age, spending many of her days dreaming of being an author and living on a farm. Laura blogs here.
Her publisher has a lovely little video to promote her book -- she has it featured on her blog, and you can find it here on you tube.

A big "Thank you!" to all you friends and fans who joined us Saturday afternoon! What a great turnout to celebrate with Laura!



Indie Bookstore Day!


April 29, 2017. Independent Bookstore Day!


We all had such a great time on Saturday! Thank you to all of you who joined us! And a huge thank you to all of you who support us all year long -- you are why we have been here since 1972.
45 years and going strong! Thanks to all of you!

A one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country. Every store is unique and independent, and every party is different. In addition to fun events there are exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on that day. Not before. Not online. Only at Independent Bookstores!

Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times arts/book critic visited 19 different Seattle-area bookstores in one go for Independent Bookstore Day. [She did it!] and calls it the perfect day. The article here.

Check out the facebook page for more information [perhaps to start planning for next year?!]: SEABookstoreDay.

And follow them on Twitter! @BookstoreDay  [so many fun posts and pics! thank you all!]







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